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The Reluctant Farmer Of Whimsey Hill
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Susan Bickford, Nancy Raven Smith and Marla Cooper at Bouchercon

The Multi Award Winning Land Sharks Series

Mystery Adventures with touches of humor and
deadly consequences.


Land Sharks (2) - The Killer From Coober Pedy

When an embezzler is murdered, Beverly Hills bank fraud investigator, Lexi Winslow, tracks the stolen money to a town in the Australian outback.

Unfortunately, she's persona non grata in that country. She needs to get in, recover the money, and get out before the Australian police discover her presence. But will the unexpected appearance of an ex-lover make her linger too long?

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Land Sharks (1) - A Swindle in Sumatra

Land Sharks

Lexi Winslow is an investigator for a private Beverly Hills bank. When the runaway daughter of her bank's richest client is spotted with her latest boyfriend at a remote resort deep in the Sumatran jungle, Lexi is dispatched to bring her home.

Once Lexi arrives at the isolated resort, she discovers there are more deadly dangers inside the hotel than the crocodiles and headhunters outside. It's a place where rich women often check-in, but don't check-out. Will the client's daughter be the next to disappear?

And of all the places in the world, Lexi runs into her ex-lover, who not only conned his way into her heart, but is always conning someone somewhere. Lexi is determined to find out what is going on and to get them all out alive.

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The Reluctant Farmer of Whimsey Hill

The hu-amorous true story of an animal-phobic, city robotics engineer who learns too late that his new bride's dream is to have a farm where she can rescue ex-racehorses. When the newlyweds take a Meyers-Briggs Personality Test for fun, it tells them that their marriage is doomed. There is only one problem: they took the test after the wedding.

So whether he's chasing a cow named Pork Chop through the woods, getting locked in a tack room by the family pony, being snubbed by his wife's favorite dog, or unsuccessfully trying to modernize their barn using the latest technology, the odds are already stacked against him. It seems like everything on four legs is out to get him. Will the animals prove Meyers-Briggs right?

"Animals can and do make our lives better. This is my kind of book."
  - Bret Witter, #1 New York Times bestseller co-author of Dewey [the Library Cat]

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A free sample of the Audio book is available at
http://tantor.com/ and http://Amazon.com/

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